Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lacy Grosgrain Ribbon

Lacy Grosgrain Ribbon

Written in PSPX, but should work with all versions.

This tutorial is written based on tagger-sized kits. If you are making a full-sized kit, please adjust your sizes accordingly.

If you do not have PSP's Rounded Flower brush, you can download it HERE

Open a new raster image, 825X 200

Set your foreground color to black, Background Null.

Using your pen tool, set it to Straight Lines, Width 2

Place your pen tool at the 100 mark on your left ruler.

Hold down your shift key and draw a straight line across the canvas.

Add a new raster layer

In your materials palette, select the color you would like to use for your ribbon as the foreground color.

Go to your Paintbrush tool and select the rounded flower brush. Size 75, Density and Opacity 100

Apply the paint brush one time at the left side of your canvas, centered on the black “guide line”

Now hold down your shift key and click your paintbrush on the RIGHT side of the canvas, centered on the guide line.

You should have this right now:

Now you can delete the guide line layer.

Add a new Vector layer and make certain that it is the top layer in your palette.

In your materials palette, make the foreground and background colors the same as your lace.

Go to Preset Shapes and select the rectangle.

Set line width to 1

Draw a rectangle that goes from side to side and is approx 40-45px in height.

Convert this layer to a raster layer.

Go to Effects/Textures/Blinds and use the following settings:

Merge/Merge Visible

Now use your crop tool to get rid of the excess space and clean up the ends of your ribbon.

If you find that you have a stray "lace" piece on the ends of your ribbon, use your circle eraser brush to erase them.

There you are! An easy lacy ribbon!

You can experiment with all different brushes for this ribbon. I like to use some of the more open Celtic knot brushes for this ribbon.

Have fun and thanks for visiting my blog. :-)

Tutorial written by Butterfly Hollow Designs©
Do not reproduce or duplicate without written permission from the author.


TravlynWomyn said...

Thank you for a great, easy-to-understand tut. I'm still really new with PSP and really appreciate the generosity of those like you who take the time to write these. Yours is exceptionally easy to understand.

Jane said...

Brilliant tutorial! Thank you very much!